Adam Smalley - The Driver Interview


We recently sat down with Adam post Thruxton in the first of our driver interviews and here's what he had to say:


Q1) Having achieved so much success already in your racing career what are your short and long term goals?

A) My short term goals are to take each race as it comes and to maximise my performance. So far this season I have been fairly successful so I am looking to keep up this momentum and try my best to win the championship. As for long term goals I would love to make it as a professional racing driver. This will be difficult to achieve but I will be trying my hardest to do so.


Q2) How do you prepare for a racing weekend?  

A) I prepare for a race weekend by keeping fit and going to the Gym to make sure I am in best possible shape for each weekend. Mentally I focus on nothing else other than the job I need to do. I focus on going out on track and being as consistent as possible and getting the results.


Q3) What goes through your mind as your sat on the grid waiting for the pack to line up and the lights to go out?

A) As I’m sat on the grid I try and plan different scenarios for what is going to happen but in reality this never works as any Ginetta race is so close it is so unpredictable.


Q4) At a race weekend, when your not in the car what do you spend your time doing? (i.e car prep / networking / pleasing sponsors

A) Usually when I’m not in the car I’m busy looking at data and camera footage to see the areas that I can improve on with my engineer. There is always room for improvement. Other than that I mainly spend my time talking to sponsors and watching other races to see if there are any manoeuvres which I spot which will help me prepare for my race.


Q5) On to Thruxton. What are your reflections of the weekend against your expectations before the weekend?

A) Going into Thruxton I didn’t have any expectations what so ever. I knew that with the pace we showed at Oulton we would be competitive but from experience Thruxton is a very surprising circuit where anything can happen! Overall it was a fantastic weekend.


Q6) On what is a supremely fast circuit what do you have to pay special attention to in order to maintain pace / position? (i.e corner exit speed, trying to escape the tow, massive balls!!!???...)

A) the last part of the question is your answer haha! With Thruxton being the fastest circuit in the UK it is so important to stay focussed at all times and to perfect every corner. One tiny error can be the difference between winning the race and finishing 10th!


Q7) Next up is Silverstone and the Silverstone 500, given your start to the Championship what are your expectations for that weekend?

A) I would love to grab a win at Silverstone as it is always a pleasure to drive on such a prestigious circuit. My aim for the weekend is to score the most points possible and close in on the championship lead.


And finally, a 'getting to know Adam' quick fire round:

Favourite sport (other than Motor racing) - I would be lying if I said I was interest in any other sport.

What do you do in your down time - At the moment I am at college so I’m when I’m not racing I’m very busy with lots of college work. Apart from that I do a lot of driver coaching for go karting.

If you weren't a racing driver what would you like to be - a racing team boss

Racing hero - Lewis Hamilton. He started off go karting father and son just the same as my dad and I. I would love to follow in his footsteps.

If you could drive any racing car what would it be - it would have to be a formula one car as that has always been a dream of mine!

Any racing superstitions - a few ‘pre race press-ups’ to get the adrenaline pumping!


Thank you Adam and best of luck for Silverstone.

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